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        Tommie L. Jones, PhD, RN, CPAN         


Thank you for visiting.  Justbemindful.com is dedicated to addressing workplace bullying and facilitating change in the emotionally abusive and ineffective work environment.  Workplace bullying is wrong and it should be illegal.  However, this is not a place of aggressive bully bashing.  Bully bashing is being a bully.

Dealing with emotion is a fact of life and an inevitable event in all teams.  Healthy teams have positive ways of handling emotionally charged interactions.  Sometimes a team member may behave out of line.  Emotionally competent teams have group norms to constructively guide confronting these inappropriate team members and behaviors.  Team cohesiveness is then preserved.  Emotionally competent teams are mindful teams.

Being mindful encourages personal growth and authenticity.  We, therefore, enjoy enriching, meaningful, and satisfying relationships at work and at home.  When we respect and honor ourselves, we respect and honor others. 

Workplace bullying and unhealthy workplace cultures are symptoms of poor group competence and a lack of mindfulness.  If bullying is not halted immediately, it can be like lassoing a tornado.  Mindful and emotionally competent teams require leadership buy-in and dedication.  Bullying workplaces can show us our strengths and our weaknesses.  Our workshops were developed to give attendees working knowledge to facilitate personal and team growth by providing an in depth view of:

          -Workplace dynamics

          -How workplace bullying begins and progresses

          -How teams are constructed

          -How to build strong teams

          -Stress management

          -Steps for exiting or staying

Knowledge may be power, but to be empowered requires understanding...

Research has shown that workplace bullying is costly:
          - Increased staff turnover
          - Increased absenteeism
          - Increased stress levels and stress related illnesses
          - Decreased performance & collaboration
          - Loss of trust and morale

The justbemindful website is dedicated to providing visitors with essential information about workplace bullying because

understanding workplace bullying can help alleviate the burden of stress and help preserve emotional and physical health.  If you are a target of bullying, remember this:  It is not about who you are, it is about what you represent to the person bullying you.

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...brings you holistic workshops to unpack, understand, and rebuild the bullying workplace...changing bullying dynamics, to mindful dynamics.  Our one-day workshops are available to employers, employees, nursing schools, groups, and organizations by appointment.  Contact us today and begin the journey to building a stronger you and a stronger team.